About- An Introduction

As an autistic individual, Ashish’s expressive communication has always been largely inhibited. This impacted his interactions with other people, his learning, and other major areas of his life. In February 2016, Ashish began using an AAC device. This device consists of stencil/laminate alphabet boards, and the individual is able to point at the letters to form words.

A brief technical explanation: By placing the board directly in the individual’s line of vision, they are able to more clearly focus in order to express their thoughts. Moving their arm to point at the letters is the utilization of gross motor movement for communication. This is because individuals with autism have impaired fine motor skills, which therefore inhibits normal communication means such as speaking, writing, and typing.

To put it simply, Ashish has been reborn. He is incredibly thankful and excited to finally have a vehicle of communication, and to express his own voice. Since starting to use the AAC device, we (his family) have come to learn and appreciate how intelligent, caring, and passionate Ashish is. What he has to say has made such a huge impact on our lives, and as a result, I (his sister) created this blog as a platform for him. I truly believe his thoughts deserve to be shared.