Ashish saw the movie Fences, starring Denzel Washington, a few days back with his dad. After the movie, Ashish offered his perspective and opinion about the characters in the movie. 

Ashish:  I liked the movie. He (Denzel Washington) portrayed the role of the cutthroat man well. But hardy breadwinners need you in the bygone times. My heart goes out to him (Denzel Washington’s son in the movie). 

Dad: How did you feel about the wife?

Ashish: She was a sweet lady who suffered wistfully. 

It is amazing to see him at a point where he can connect to the characters in a movie, as well as he comfortably critique the film! His level of open-ended repsonse, especially with his dad, has really grown during the holiday season. 

We can’t wait to see what the New Year brings for his progress!

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