It’s fairly common for people to set goals and make resolutions on their birthdays, and Ashish is no different. On his 18th birthday, Ashish set 10 amazing goals for himself. I can’t wait to watch him relentlessly pursue and achieve his goals, like the tiger he is.

  1. I want to attend all Level 3 classes- He wants to attend higher level classes in order to receive more academic content input.
  2. Cut down on my food-  He wants to be more health-conscious.
  3. Become easy to communicate with all- He wants to be able to communicate freely and easily with everyone around him.
  4. Can adapt to more meaningful speech towards attending classes- He can use speech to participate in his classes.
  5. Become fluent with a wireless keyboard in answering questions independently- He wants to communicate independently.
  6. Become a fluent talker- He wants to develop and improve his speech.
  7. Become water-adept and acquire swimming skills- He loves water, and wants to learn how to swim.
  8. Attend Georgia Tech for engineering- He wants to go to college (and one of the best ones in the world, if I do say so myself!).
  9. Pay my own bills- He wants to support himself and be independent.
  10. Never stop due to my speech disability- He never wants to be locked away again.

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