Insight of the Day (7/14/16)

We’ve been working on various math skills with Ashish for a while now, in order to understand his skillset and build upon his competency. We are impressed with the amount of math he already knows- he’s flying through 7th, 8th, and 9th grade material, and is even excelling at college-level probability and statistics! My mom was curious to know: where had he learned all of this previously? He had never been taught math directly, yet his foundation is strong.


It all clicked, and it makes perfect sense. Over the years, as I worked on homework and asked my parents for help, Ashish was always lingering and always listening. He would also come to me as I was working and watch me work. It’s amazing to understand how keen his perception is by realizing how much he learned through indirect means. It’s equally amazing to understand how that mean was through me- to understand how much of a role I have played in his education thus far. His perception, coupled with his willingness to learn and obtain a proper education, has proved to be a powerful combination. Now that we are focused on furthering his education, we are excited to continue observing his brilliant performance, as well as learn more about what he wants to do with his education.

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